Cyd Webster Beacham inspires discussion and evaluation of romantic relationships in a series of short stories involving “legacies of dysfunction”. Struck by Lightning and Other Bolts of Reality stories illustrate problems that can occur when baggage from the past is drawn into current relationships. The various couples appear normal on the outside, but are engulfed in trauma and turmoil behind the closed doors. The characters exhibit self imposed limitations, settling in their circumstances. Each story addresses different stages of relationships from romance, to single people looking for companionship to couples involved in marriage, cohabitation and infidelity.

  • Son of a Covet- Roman, Ethel and Neesha are in a triangle that becomes complicated and shakes Roman's spirit.

  • Struck by Lightning - George and Sheila’s conflicting motives lead to maddening misunderstandings for them both.

  • Signs for the Blind -Tonya, desperate to have a man, ignores the fact that Lewis has psychotic tendencies.

  • Bells and Whistles - Jeff and Carol find themselves in a ‘hook-up’ style relationship, but feelings begin to confuse the premise of why they get together.

  • Raising the Bar - Craig and Marsha are co-dependent tragic way. She becomes caretaker and martyr while his selfish dependency threatens to destroy her.

  • After the Fact - Charles and Joan end up in a long term relationship that was built on a lie, and continues on in a manner of twisted convenience.

  • Just an Illusion - Jamal and Jackie come together with differing agendas. The plan for how it would work out in her head is not the reality that it becomes once they live together.

  • TKO - Ronald and Tricia find themselves in a rocky, violent relationship of co-dependency that is full of frustration based on shallow ideals.

  • Mine Eyes - Candy is recklessly ‘in search of’ love and Black and Shareef take the opportunity to satisfy their needs at her expense.

  • Phantasmic Self - Eric and Serita have a relationship based on his selfish proclivity and her desperation.

  • Thou Art Fruitful - Pastor Jetson and Alison are caught up and torn by a happenstance meeting, and strong attraction.

The stories are based on experiences that many people can identify with, although most people do not want to talk about these kinds of issues. These are stories about everyday people who are working out scenarios in their lives with what they bring to it and what is presented to them. Cyd Webster Beacham has also written and published the novel, HB. HB is a thrill ride into the future where war and devastation has led to inventions that provide an answer to the diminishing populations of men in the world.

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