Roman Movie Credits


Dedicated to George Ward Beacham III


In memory of Gail Purnell


Written, Produced, and Directed by Dwight Wilkins


Executive Producers - (late) George Ward Beacham III, Cyndie Beacham,  Lisa M. Reed


Co-Executive producer - Karen Pendleton



Darold Lingo 


Wendi Smith


Anthony Wilcox


Iyana Campbell



Brian Anthony Wilson 


Director of Photography - Joshua Mallory


Edited by Justin Gathright


Production Design by Angela Coleman


Sound Recordist - Jairous Parker Sr.


Costumes - Lisa M. Reed


Post Production Sound ADR/Editing/Mixing 

Steve Campagna, A Dream Out Loud Inc./Philadelphia Post



Darold Lingo - Roman Knox

Wendi Smith - Neesha Williams

Anthony Wilcox - Gavin Knox/Dark Figure

Iyana Campbell - Ethel Knox

Brian Anthony Wilson - Pastor Stiles

Chris Clark - Deacon Bernard

Karen Waller-Martin - Sis. Sabrina Miller

Nika Shakhmuradova - Mary Sardino

Kevin Gauntner - Jeff Steele

Charles Harris - Thug life

Garrett Johnson - Perdi

Justin Jacobs - Lil Mo

Derrick Watson - Jamal


Associate producers

Andrew & Celesi Klugh

Broggie & Carolyn Stevenson

Darold Lingo


Production Manager/Assistant Director - Karen Waller Martin


Fight Choreographer - Owen Brown


Colorist/Visual FX - Joshua Mallory


Sound Assistants - Asli Nasimova, Justin Gathright


Props Masters - Angela Coleman, Lisa M. Reed


Assistant Camera/Assistant Director/Visual FX - Justin Gathright   


Assistant Editor- Joshua Mallory 


Music Composer

Kevin MacLeod (


Bump in the Night


Yung Kartz Streets

Corrutella 01 Rotating Self Portrait

Ghost Story


Lost Frontier

Floating Spirits

Fearless First


Music Supervisor 

Dwight Wilkins 


Production Assistants

Asli Nasimova

Kyree Mitchell

Starr Martin


Social Media/Marketing 

Cyndie Beacham





Gail Purnell, Willingboro, NJ


Patricia Brown, Lindenwold, NJ


Aunt Berta’s Kitchen, Oaklyn, NJ

   Alberta Featherbee


Bethany Baptist Church - Foster Ave., Gibbsboro, NJ

   Bishop David G. Evans

   Pastor Nick Smith

   Pastor Valerie Prescott

   Deacon Trader


Esperanza Academy

   Nate Stringfield

   Angela Smith

   Alicia Mojica

   Luis Cruz

   Willie Garcia

   Ms. Lopez


Mt. Zion AME

   Rev. Gervine Bell 

   Lois Robinson

   Celeste Robinson

   Keith Worthington


Berlin Cemetery


Wrap Party

Jeanette Waller 

Karen Waller-Martin



John Martin

Katherine Hirons 

Starr Martin



Philadelphia Interact Theater

Camden County Library - Voorhees

Camden County Library - Winslow Township

Nakia Dillard

Kenneth McGregor

Chestnut Hill Village 

Pastor Jefty Pieterson

Karen Waller-Martin

Michael & Maria Leonard

Gail Purnell


Craft Services

Aunt Berta’s Kitchen - Oaklyn, NJ


Dunkin Donuts


Promotions and  interviews

Alyssa Riley - Podcast

Donyelle Shorter - social media

Kevin Riordan - Philadelphia Inquirer


Fundraising Trailer Event - 2015

Director, cinematographer, screenwriter

Dwight Wilkins 



Darold Lingo

June Patterson

Crystal Thompson

Reggie Norwood



Patricia Brown 

Beacham home


Event Assistants

Jeff & Lucy Harris

Gail Purnell 

Willie Purnell Hudson 

Yolanda Marcethe Klugh 

Kareemah Rogers 

Shirley Hendricks 

Doreen Adams 

Dr. Carla Miller 

Brittni Duhart 

Jade Webster 


Camden County Library - Winslow branch Trailer Party - 2018

Gail Purnell - event assistant

Willie Purnell Hudson - event assistant

Karen Waller-Martin - event assistant

Maria Leonard - event assistant


Lawnside Trailer Party - 2017

And Rough Cut viewing - 2018


LaGracia Jones 

LaGracia Jones Givings

Michelle Gatta

Karen Pendleton


Event Assistant

Gail Purnell


Black History Month Event - 2019

Doreen Adams - Host

Shirley Hendricks - event assistant

Yvette Adams - event assistant

Dr. Carla Miller - event assistant


Roman Movie Awards Luncheon - 2019

Lois Robinson - Vendor Coordinator

Doreen Adams - Ads Coordinator

Maria Leonard - Project Director

Chris Clark - Luncheon emcee

Darold Lingo - Spoken Word Performance

Patricia Brown - Hall Decorator

*Gail Purnell - Ticket Sales Coordinator (In Memoriam)



Karen Knight

Jacqueline Lyn

Donna Panther

Grace Simpson

Joseph Ruggiero.

Aric & Christy Webster.

Lois Robinson.

Joyce Harris.

Cathy Wood.

Gail Purnell.

Brogie & Carolyn Stevenson.

Shirley Hendricks.

Lawrence & Juanita Green.

Mark & Michelle Wilson.

James & Terry Klugh.

Roderick & Myrtis Klugh.

Height Electric Company.

Rev. Mary Hodge.

Annie Van Clief.

Yolanda Marcethe Klugh.

Marcia Boyer.

Michael & Maria Leonard.

Marnita Martin.

Sandra Cole.

George McLaurin.

Janice James.

Henrietta Robinson.


Assistant to Sound Recordist

Michael Bush II

Jamar Jones

Frank Silva 

Pro Audio

Sandra Haughton, New Freedom Theatre


Roman Movie, LLC

Copyright 2020

Post Final Cut Supporters

Carol Middleton