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In the film Roman, we explore the issues of a man who without realizing it, is carrying on a legacy that needs to change. The film is based on a story co-authored and published by the late, George Ward Beacham III and his wife, Cyndie Beacham. Lisa Reed has joined the project and we are partnered with film producer/director Dwight


Wilkins to bring the short story, Son of a Covet to the big screen with the title, Roman.

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About the film

It’s never too late to change! Do you remember ever saying, ‘when I grow up, I will not be like my parents? This is an experience many people can identify with, yet they find in their adult lives that they act and even sound like their mother or father. Some qualities are great, but no one wants to carry on a negative legacy.


Roman, is the protagonist of the story who is
reluctant to receiving advice. His ego leads to drama involving women in his life and it finally pushes him to his limit. He decides to research his family tree and what he finds is shocking and disturbing, causing further introspection into his life and his ways.


As we embark on this new and exciting endeavor, we hope that our story will help viewers realize that they must take action in order to end any negative legacies in their lives. Happiness is a choice!

Producers Note

Dwight Wilkins, George Beacham and Cyndie
are partners in producing the film, Roman. The film is based on the short story, Son of a Covet, co-authored by George and Cyndie Beacham.  We intend to produce a quality film and distribute it on the big screen, DVD, YouTube, Vimeo, as well as submit it to film festivals.

We have a team in place: Justin Gathright (Assistant Director/Storyboard Artist); Joshua Mallory (Director of Photography); Jairous Parker (Sound Recorder); Steve Campagna of Philadelphia Post (Sound Designer); Karen Waller Martin (Production Manager); Angela Coleman (Production Designer); Lisa Reed (Production Wardrobe) We're excited and eager to make it happen.

We want to bring this film to you and have you
engaged in the process as we work toward getting
this story of love in its selfishness, that leads to
introspection and self- love, told.  We really believe
people will identify with the situations that are
characterized in the film.


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