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Every Ten Is New


In my 6th decade of life, I reflect and smile.

Forced into a new direction.

Praise God for family and friends by my side,

They’ve encouraged me with inspiration.


My 5th decade was great and a great loss.

Like a whirlwind, met the love of my life.

Married and eight great years flew by,

Snatched into a new reality, no longer a wife.


One blessing within my trauma was a new home.

Soon after that, my IT career was no more.

My mind raced as I pushed worry away

But sometimes, when it rains, it pours.


40s were GREAT! Lessons learned, forgiveness bound,

Survived the devastation of my parents’ transition

Miss them yet knowing that they’ve prepared me well

Feeling blessed to this day is my position.


Survived the ‘dirty thirties, is a testimony of grace.

Self-imposed madness, delusion, anger, confusion.

A foundation with Jesus, blessed with space

I lived through it all with new conclusion.


20s, 10s were fun years

Surrounded with awesome memories.

That I’m still here to reflect with joy and tears

No complaints, just grateful, and at ease.


But GOD! Awesome God! I continue to push forward.

Reinforced by my church I feel strength and love.

Continuing movie production and writing ideas.

I’m determined to live the best life I speak of.


~~ Cyd Webster Beacham


I am currently working on a movie that is based on a story co-authored by myself and my late husband, George Ward Beacham III. I’ve partnered with Dwight Wilkins to bring the story, Son of a Covet, to life in the form of a movie called “Roman”.  Please visit my webpage for information about my books and see the movie trailer.

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