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I live and learn

a poetic bio


Starting out, feeling creative as young as I can remember,

drawing, coloring, reading was my favorite past time forever.


My parents were phenomenal people and lovingly tough,

they were community active, forward thinking, courageous when times were rough.


Seeking and seizing opportunities were ingrained in our souls

and although I had a creative spirit, my parents urged me toward other goals.


Goals they felt were more sensible that would provide a good living,

"be a doctor, a nurse, an engineer, you can't be a cartoonist or writer and make a living".


The creative flame dimmed a little but never went out.

Off to college I went, OSU Buckeye, got a degree  which brought about,


an eventual good job in IT, real good living for decades.

As I get older with a changing world in technology, security evades.


Through the years, the ups were way up, the downs way down.

God's grace has me here and I've learned to choose up, not frown.


Choose happiness became my motto, being grateful is my way,

I've traveled, worked, set goals, got published and still moving forward today.


Many great milestones in my life with the most surprising, getting married.

George Beacham, love of my life and now fellow author/producer has carried,


me through a new threshold well beyond what I ever thought would happen.

It's great, fun, awesome and now our goals are being sharpened.


Growing up in Orange, NJ, then life in Franklin Park,

Married and now in Lindenwold, yet another new start.


We've written a story together, and now a movie production is the plan

Age is just a number as we embark on new roads, challenges and demands.


'Happiness is a choice, no drama', is our motto for success,

Thanking the Lord with joy every day, God bless!


​I wrote this poem a few months before George transitioned to Heaven to be with our Lord, Jesus. I praise God for the time we had together.


Cyd Webster Beacham - 2016

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