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Cyd Webster Beacham's novel takes the reader into a future dialogue  in regard to being aware of what is going on in our environment, scientifically, politically, economically, religiously. To remain blissfully ignorant of all the machinations that are happening around us has proven time and time again, to be detrimental. By the time most people receive a 'wake up' call to crucial issues, the damage is already done. It's a lot harder to turn a ship around once it has sailed way into its course. Cyd Webster Beacham was born in East Orange, NJ, and lived in Orange, NJ most of her life. She holds a bachelor's degree from Ohio State University and attended graduate school at Montclair State University. She is currently retired, after a career as an Information Technology professional for over 35 years. She has always dreamed of being a writer and has been writing poetry, short stories and journaling most of her life.. HB is her second published work. Her first published book Struck by Lightning and Other Bolts of Reality is a collection of short stories, and is still available for order. More information is available at www.cydwebsterbeacham.com.

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